Welcome to the largest Escape Game in Switzerland

At AdventureRooms Lucerne/Emmenbruecke and Baar you can experience….

… unique team events.

… exciting games with friends and family.

… unforgettable group activities.

Are you ready for a real adventure?

Left alone, you and your group have to explore areas, find secret doors, use mysterious objects, find the exit and get out. Teamwork, good communication and cleverness are the key to unlock the doors which are between you and your victory.

Our rooms contain no horror elements, and they are suitable for groups from 2 up to 60 players.
Kids can join from the age of 10. Every game can be played in English.

Four exciting games are waiting for you at Emmenbruecke/Lucerne and two more games at Baar. The playing time is 60 minutes. Do you accept the challenge? Only 30% of the teams are able to solve all the puzzles!

The black queen

Only as a team you can solve the riddles the black queen has prepared for you and reach the exit within 60 minutes.

For beginners and advanced players.

The secret window

Explore a building full of secrets. Only if you find the secret window and discover its purpose, you have a chance to regain freedom.

For beginners and advanced players.

The golden jungle

Follow the tracks of a legendary mission, which searched for the golden treasure and got lost in a mysterious jungle.

For beginners and advanced players.

The fantastic timetravel

Our brand new adventure: travel through space and time to find a formula which gives humans super powers.

For advanced players.

If you are between 8 and 14 players , you can challenge each other in teams. There will be two rounds of 30 minutes, with a short break inbetween. Who will catch up with the other team or find the exit first?

Are you a team of 15 players or more?

We can accommodate bigger groups of up to 60 people. This cannot be booked online, but please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out this form and we will make an offer for your team event.